Evan “Endeavor” Oder

Entrepreneur | Online Marketer | Drone Pilot

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What I Do

Online Marketing.

Search engine optimization, pay per click and social media marketing expert.


I love starting new businesses. If you have an idea and need direction, I can help you get started!

Drone Pilot.

I fly as a hobby and offer aerial photography and videography as a service to the real estate industry.


I can help identify opportunities for your business to increase production and profitability.

Evan Oder

An anagram of my first and last name is Endeavor; a word that appropriately defines my career path, goals and personality.

I am a highly motivated local and digital marketing entrepreneur with creative marketing ideas. I believe if you have an idea and choose to start your own business; it needs to be on the web. My passion for analytics, ROI, branding and all things marketing has led me to starting multiple business endeavors.

Digital marketing is still in its infancy and I believe in promoting products that push the envelope and challenge traditional marketing models on and off of the internet.

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